Best Casino Complete Guide: Learn How to Play and Discover

A lot of people like video bingo and, let’s face it, the Best Casino is a lot of fun. It is inspired by traditional bingo, the one in which it is necessary. To hit the numbered balls drawn and fill a card to shout Bingo! and win the prize. So far, nothing different.

However, video bingo Best Casino work completely online, that is, it is not necessary to leave the house or use paper cards. In fact. Just access your favorite titles from your computer and cell phone and that’s it. You’ll be ready to play it. Even though at first glance it may seem different from traditional bingo. If you are familiar with online slot machines you will quickly become familiar with online video bingo. After all, the operation is quite similar, as are the features.

But, let’s go by parts. Next, we will explain what video bingo is. How to play it and the main tips to win, in addition to offering a complete list of the best titles.

What is Best Casino?

In general, we can say that video bingo is a version of traditional bingo adapted for the computer or mobile phone. This type of game also features numbered cards and balls. And the objective is to hit the randomly drawn numbers.

Video bingo has similarities with some types of slot machines in terms of the presence of paylines. In other words, it is not necessary to fill out the entire numbered card to receive a prize. As it is enough for the drawn numbers to appear in the order indicated in the game rules.

Although bingo is quite old and created from a kind of lottery that originated in Italy in 1530. Video bingo games emerged in the 90’s and gained popularity with the development of technology and internet. Some reports indicate that one of the first video bingo titles is a Best Casino called Bingo Zone, released in 1996.

How to play Best Casino

On reliable casino sites, there is a wide range of titles for those who like to play online at Mr Green video bingo for free or for real money. Both in the demo and real versions, the way to play is basically the same, as indicated below:

  1. When opening the video bingo game, choose the number of valid cards and the bet amount per card ;
  2. Click on the play button for the globe to release the 30 randomly drawn balls;
  3. Select Auto and set the number of automatic and uninterrupted rounds;
  4. The paytable will indicate the order in which each number must appear on the card for a given prize amount to be awarded.

Although it may vary with each title, most Best Casino. Have a similar format: four cards, each with 5 columns and 3 rows , together with 60 numbers ranging from 1 to 90 .

After the globe releases the drawn balls and the corresponding numbers form a valid combination on the card, a prize will be awarded.

Best Casino Complete Guide: Learn How to Play and Discover

Main features of video bingo

Just like the slot machine works , Best Casino also features extra features. This can vary greatly from game to game. But the most common feature is called Extra Ball .

When some numbers on the card have the potential to form a combination. They will be marked in a different color or will flash. It will then be possible to opt for an extra ball or not by paying an additional amount for each one.

Some games offer Free Balls within the Extra Ball feature. The possibility to buy it instead of waiting for it to appear randomly or even Jackpots , Instant Prizes and other types of features.

It is worth mentioning that such special features imply an RTP value. That is, Return to Player, different from that indicated in the base game.

How to win at online video bingo?

Just like other games of chance, the results of an online video bingo are completely random. This means that no strategy is able to guarantee a positive result, and everything will depend on luck.

However, some more experienced players use some strategies with the intention of winning online video bingo or even the live versions of the game. One of the most popular is called Granville .

The method, created by the French mathematician Joseph Granville. Consists of analyzing the cards and choosing those that have the following characteristics:

  • Amount of even and odd numbers;
  • Same amount of major and minor numbers;
  • Amount of numbers with endings 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Another famous strategy used to win in video bingo is known as Tippett. A reference to English statistician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett. The strategy assumes that in faster games there are also more chances of numbers between 1 and 75 being drawn.

On the other hand, if the game session is longer. The possibility of numbers close to 38 appearing is greater.

Tips for playing Best Casino

If, on the one hand, winning at video bingo depends only on luck, on the other hand. It is possible to say that there are more suitable and intelligent ways to play it.

The main tip is to carefully read the rules of each online video bingo game. Every game features an information area with explanations on how to play, pay lines, special features and prizes.

In addition, it is also worth checking out the unbiased reviews and reviews made by specialized sites and more experienced players. If it’s your first time playing video bingo, try the game in demo mode (for fun) before playing for real money.

By the way, whenever you play with real money or cryptocurrencies. Set a buget according to your financial possibilities and play responsibly .

The 10 Best Video Bingo Games

Pachinko 3

Pachinko 3 is a bingo video by Salsa Technology and inspired by Japanese bingo . The game has 75 numbers that can be repeated in a total of 4 cards, each with a 5×5 grid. In addition, 44 balls are drawn, with up to 10 extra balls.

Super Show Ball

One of the most popular video bingo games in Brazil is Microgaming ‘s Super Show Ball . The title offers up to 4 cards, with numbers from 1 to 90, 30 drawn balls and features such as a mystery prize and jackpot of up to 4,000x bet .

Cuca’s Swamp Bingo

Another title on the list of best video bingo games is Cuca’s Swamp Bingo by Salsa Technology. Inspired by the Brazilian folklore character , Cuca, the game has 90 balls and cards numbered in the traditional 3×5 format.

Super Hot Bingo

With a vibrant and engaging design, Super Hot Bingo , from Patagonia, also has the classic format with 90 balls and 4 3×5 cards. The video bingo game allows the purchase of up to 10 extra balls , one of which may appear for free.

Samba Rio

Developed by Caleta, Samba Rio has a design inspired by the samba carioca, with 4 cards 3×5 and 30 balls drawn. The game has interesting features like Extra Balls, Samba Ball and two Bonus — Masquarade Bonus and Samba Wheel Bonus .

Carnival Bingo

Colorful and very festive, this 90 ball, 4 card video bingo from MGA Games in 3×5 format offers a lot of functionality. After all, Carnaval Bingo provides the player with 4 bonus features , the first being a classic three-reel online slot machine.

Rainforest Magic Bingo

Launched in 2020 by Play’n GO, the Rainforest Magic Bingo game also makes the top 10 video bingo list. This video bingo has an RTP of 97.38% , up to 13 extra balls, and when all 4 cards are activated, it is possible to win an extra prize.

Super Bola Bingo

Super Bola Bingo is another video bingo created by Play’n GO, with 90 balls and 4 numbered cards. It also features two extra features called Fortune Wheel Bonus and Bonus World Super Ball, the latter of which offers instant prizes of up to 1,000x stake .

Halloween Bingo

Launched by Caleta with RCT, Halloween Bingo features 4 numbered cards and a design inspired by Halloween. Special features present in the game allow you to choose tombs, cauldrons or pumpkins with instant prizes.

Da Vinci Secret

Da Vinci Secret is signed by Zitro Games, one of the most renowned providers of free and real money video bingo games. The game has four jackpots , bonus round and extra balls, in addition to providing up to 4 cards numbered 3×5.

How to play free online Best Casino

Generally speaking, all you need to do to play free online video bingo is to enter an online casino site that offers this type of game in demo mode, also known as free or for fun mode.

Most casinos available to Brazilian players have areas for free video bingo titles on their platforms. It is also possible to find the free version on the websites of software providers that develop such games, such as Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Zitro Games, MGA, Caleta and Patagonia.

Is playing video bingo legal?

Once you understand how to play it, what are the best titles and top tips, you must be wondering if playing video bingo is a legal practice or not, right? The answer to this question is not so simple, but we will explain why.

Very popular, traditional bingo, the one held in large halls, was banned in Brazil in 2004. Since then, the physical modality of the game can only be played as a non-profit game.

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On the other hand, due to the lack of proper regulation, online Best Casino games are played by Brazilians, both for fun and for money. This means that you can play online, although there is no law or regulation to protect you should the need arise.

Thus, it is up to the player himself to carefully choose the sites on which he will bet. Therefore, it is always advisable to evaluate the Best Casino you are going to choose in advance, verify that its website is safe, reliable and licensed by international gaming bodies.

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