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Best Online Slot Themes For Men It’s not clear when slots are created whether they are targeted at particular sex. What is clear is that some are themed and the hope is that the slot. Will attract a pre-existing fan base, based on that theme. Themes help keep slots at a Viking casino familiar and they can also be nostalgic for many players too. The obvious themes that prove highly. Popular are slots based on cultural crazes like superheroes or smash hit movies and television series. With 39% of the slot playing public in the UK female.

Slots are appealing to both sexes. Whether it is the actual individual slots, or the power of slots in general. To cross the male/female divide remains unclear. What is clear is that these games appeal to a broad spectrum of society. Due to the success and power of slots, is it worth the time and effort of slot creators to tailor slot games towards particular sex? 

Changing Times 

Gambling is a man’s world, but far less so now than it used to be. This is mainly due to the popularity of slots and the power they have to break down conventions. Best Online Slot have and continue to bring in a flood of female gamblers. But despite this, there are still slots out there that do not shy away from being blatantly targeted at men. They are easy to spot as they contain beautiful women. Fast cars and more. One such slot from NetEnt features both and throws a huge slice of action into the mix. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem runs with the theme of flash cars and fast women in a slick slot that is designed to get the pulse racing. 

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Beer and Beautiful Women – Best Online Slot

Bier Haus targets the two things most men crave, copious amounts of beer served up by beautiful busty blonds. The theme of this slot is the Oktoberfest beer festival in Germany. This hugely popular event is held every year and attracts a mostly male crowd. Your host in this slot is the beautiful barmaid Heidi. Continuing the theme of beautiful women and probably the slot to end all slots when it comes to games targeted at men is the Playboy slot. The theme here is the world-famous adult brand that has been around for years and has almost hit the mainstream when it comes to selling sex. As you would expect, this slot is sexy and all the Playboy models are the highest paying of all the symbols. 

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Super Heroes – Best Online Slot

We are living in the age of the superhero and superheroes are super-popular. They come in all shapes and sizes and have conquered the movie and Ozwin-Casino slots world. Most are male and appeal to a mainly male-dominated fan-base. Men would love to be them and most have grown up with the likes of Bat Man, so there popularity has been guaranteed. There are a number of all action superhero slots and the themes within them, continue to appeal to men of all ages who play these games. 

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