Instructions on How to Play Cryptocurrency Gambling

Cryptocurrency has recently emerged Play Cryptocurrency Gambling as a phenomenon that is and will be of interest to many bettors, more and more bettors know and use cryptocurrencies to process payment interfaces more and more. ever, that’s why online casino Bitcasino has also applied payment in cryptocurrency, also known as Crypto, for players (Mostly in BTC, ETH, and TRX). Because of this feature, the network bettors use to pay will have to be ERC20 or TRC20. This is an important point that new players often get confused.

But that is not the important part when playing online casino betting with cryptocurrency, because making payment transactions is the simplest thing that bettors need to do when they want to bet at online casino. this house. However, if you don’t want to, bettors can also use Fiat – in this case, VNDR to make payments. To be able to bet effectively at Bitcasino casinos, bettors should know some basic knowledge that we will cover below.

What Games can be Play with Crypto at Bitcasino?

At Bitcasino online casino betting, good bettors can play betting with Crypto currency in all game genres. From betting games such as online slots (slot games), Baccarat scratch cards, Blackjack blackjack, e-sports betting… all can be played with cryptocurrency. That’s why basically the choices for bettors are extremely many and varied, once you’ve deposited money into your Bitcasino account, you will be able to use that money (and the promotional bonus). forever if any) to play all types of betting. Here are some typical games.

Bet on Exploding Slot Games

Slot games have long been known and interested by many bettors, because in general, this is the most suitable betting genre for players who do not know much about online betting. This is a game with extremely easy rules, even so easy that there are almost no rules at all. This type of betting at Bitcasino casinos is completely playable with cryptocurrency, here are some of the hottest games of the Bitcasino genre for you to experience.

  • Bounty Showdown
  • Rocket Reels
  • Mental

In addition, there is also another type of betting at Bitcasino casinos called Slots jackpot – So what is the difference between these two types of betting? First of all, the bettors will need to understand the concept of RTP (Return to player), this is the concept to talk about the amount of money the player will be refunded when the player loses at the game. These are the usual types of burst slots, and this RTP will usually range from 92% – 98.5% depending on the game. That is, if you win, the bonus that the player receives will range from 92%-98.5% for each win. This is an amount that is almost double the capital invested, very attractive but not too terrible.

As for the jackpot slot game, the basic difference with the regular pot explosion game is that this game has an extremely low RTP rate, but has an extremely high jackpot reward of up to hundreds of millions of dong or even. is billions of dollars. However, the probability of winning the jackpot slot is much smaller. So, basically, bettors who like to play in a win-win style should play the jackpot slot.

Instructions on How to Play Cryptocurrency Gambling

Can I Play Crypto Gambling Safely at Bitcasino?

To answer this problem – A problem that many good bettors are interested in, when playing online casino betting, bettors should choose a reputable and safe house, without fear. cheated like a Bitcasino casino. Next, bettors should also learn a little (if they have never learned before) about electronic money because when you make deposits and withdrawals, as well as when placing bets and calculations. VegasCasinoOnline  The amount of bets to suit your preferences and tactics, you will have to know more or less about crypto, if not, the road ahead of the bettors will still be quite uneven. .

Once the bettors have learned and acquired some basic knowledge of crypto, it will be much easier to bet on casinos or other online games. But in general, when having knowledge about using cryptocurrencies to bet at Bitcasino casinos, bettors will not need to worry about anything about safety when playing.

The Best Online Casino Betting Experience at Bitcasino

As above, bettors already know that online casino betting at BItcasino casino is extremely safe and do not have to worry about whether the online casino is cheating or not, especially when choosing Play betting at Bitcasino. That is why the betting experiences that Bitcasino casinos bring are also among the “top of the top” at the moment when compared to other online casinos.

At the online betting casino Bitcasino also owns the most modern and advanced technology, so the bettors will have the opportunity to play betting with an extremely modern bookie. For example, the fact that this Bitcasino house has an integration with Metamask wallet (everyone who is a crypto person will know), and there are many other modern integrations and features that will make your betting process easier. many times better.

What Cryptocurrencies can I Use for Betting? – Play Cryptocurrency Gambling

Basically, when good bettors deposit money into a reputable Bitcasino casino, you will be able to use the BEP20, TRC20, and ERC20 networks (TRON is recommended to deposit because the cost is reasonable). management) to make a crypto deposit to this casino with the following supported cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, USDT, XRP, ADA. But after it is loaded, this casino will automatically convert that crypto to the equivalent value but in the crypto XRP, So bettors should practice using XRP to perform calculations to For your own betting purposes.

Because the main currency used at Bitcasino is XRP, good bettors should swap the coins they have into XRP before starting the deposit process. However, if you don’t do that, it’s okay, just like that, bettors will find it a bit more convenient to deposit money.

Deposit and Withdrawal at Bitcasino – Play Cryptocurrency Gambling

Deposit (Deposit) or Withdraw (Payout) at Bitcasino casino both support both methods. That is in electronic money or in local currency (in Vietnam, it is VNDR). If bettors use VNDR to deposit or withdraw money. When going through the payment gateway of Bitcasino. It will be convert to (or vice versa) XRP. That’s why gamblers should also pay attention to this.

However, for deposit transactions, like many other bookmakers. The Bitcasino house also has a minimum deposit value of about 220k VNDR. If bettors use Crypto to deposit. Then the following is the minimum deposit require. At this casino.

  • 0.25 mBTC (0.00025 BTC)
  • 100 TRX
  • 0.005 ETH
  • 0.05 LTC
  • 10 USDT (Tether)
  • 10 XRP
  • 5 ADA
  • 50 DOGE

If you deposit a value below this level, the bets will not be recognize for that deposit. Be careful because it’s very important. Next is the withdrawal transaction, similar to the deposit transaction. The entire amount in XRP of the bettors will be convert to the crypto. That you Play Cryptocurrency Gambling want straight to your crypto wallet (It is recommend to use it). use Metamask or Imtoken) because. These wallets “go together” with Bitcasino very smoothly. However, using any other wallet is not a problem. But before withdrawing the withdrawal amount of bettors will also have to meet. The minimum withdrawal amount as follows:

  • 0.5 mBTC (0.0005 BTC)
  • 200 TRX
  • 0.02 ETH
  • 0.1 LTC
  • 20 USDT Billion
  • 20 XRP
  • 10 ADA
  • 100 DOGE

As punters can see, the minimum withdrawal value is double the minimum deposit value, and is equivalent to 440k VNDR. This means that the amount. That can withdrawn will have to be equal to or greater. Than this amount before it can be withdrawn. In addition, it is also note that if bettors use any promotions. They must also meet all the conditions to withdraw money if using that promotion.

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Conclusion – Play Cryptocurrency Gambling

Playing online casino betting with cryptocurrency has become a new trend. That is well receive by many bettors. With this in mind, the Bitcasino casino pioneered. The online betting market today to support betting using cryptocurrency. When playing betting with electronic money at this bookie. Bettors will not have to worry about the level of prestige and safety, because this is a very reputable bookmaker. That has been interest by many bettors, and selection. Along with the “performance” of the top of this house. The bettors have nothing to worry about.

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