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There are many variations to Bingo today. A game that gained popularity in the mid to late 20th century started most prominently with the 75 Ball bingo and 90 Ball bingo. Further developments saw the introduction of 80 Ball bingo and Speed type of bingo playing. Today’s players can choose to either play in-person in a bingo hall or play online at Whichever path is closer to your heart, it is worth to know about the differences between bingo game types. In this article you will find these variations outlined for your information. 

90 Ball vs 75 Ball 

Lets look at the 2 most prominent types of bingo.

90 Ball bingo is the most popular in the UK and has been played by generations of bingo fans. The game employs numbers between 1 and 90. The ticket here is a 3×9 grid with 15 numbers and 12 blank spaces. A collection of 6 tickets is called a strip and will contain all the numbers from 1 to 90. In this game you can win through one of the three outcomes: one line, two lines or a full house. 

  • A fast paced game
  • 3 possible winning outcomes
  • No repeating numbers in a strip of 6 tickets 

75 Ball bingo is the variant more popular in the US. This game has numbers from 1 to 75 and differs in the ticket layout. The ticket is a 5×5 grid with B-I-N-G-O spelled at the top of the card. Each column represents one of the 5 letters, which can be used to call out the numbers, for example B2 or O5. The major difference in 75 Ball bingo is that tickets do not come in strips and numbers might repeat themselves if you’re playing more than one card. This could mean either more or less chance to win and results in a slower gameplay, giving you more time to mark off duplicating entries. The winning pattern could be a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally, or a specific shape such as the letter “A”, a house, a diamond and so on. 

  • Slower game
  • One of many possible winning patterns is announced at the start of each game
  • Numbers can duplicate across tickets 

More variations 

There are more versions of Bingo such as the 80 Ball Bingo, which is most similar to 90 Ball bingo with its’ strips of 5 interlinked tickets but different with a multitude of winning patterns.

30 Ball Bingo is played on cards of 3 rows and 3 columns. There is only 1 winning outcome and that is a fully marked off card.

Speed bingo can be a game of any type with the key difference being the fast pace of the game. Speed bingo is the fastest one out there! 

Concluding points 

  • If you want a fast game: the less numbers in the game, the quicker a single game will be.
  • If you want big wins: the more popular the game/the more players, the bigger the prizes. 

While you choose your favourite type of bingo remember to seek out the best bonus offers out there and as always, play responsibly.

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