Most Popular Online Casino World Slot Types in 2021

For any internet casino, Online Casino Slot are extremely important. They are often what entices players in, and they are hugely entertaining and popular. This is usually where the majority of income comes for casinos, both traditional and online, and it’s no wonder that more and more time and money is going into creating some spectacular new games – join to view bonuses for free slots UK. There are a number of different types of online slots, and here are some of them.

Classic Online Casino Slot

The classic slots are a link back to the very first slot ever created. The Liberty Bell made by Charles Fey in 1895. These slots have a lever (or a virtual lever when it comes to being online) and offer players. A nostalgic glimpse into the past where they can enjoy slots in the way they used to be played.

These slots tend to be very simple. Using three reels with five symbols on each of them. They will also probably be fruit portrayed on the symbols. And the whole look will be very retro. There probably won’t be a bonus round, but if there is it will be very simple. 

Most Popular Online Casino World Slot Types in 2021

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are also extremely popular. And although they are very similar to classic slots, even down to the symbols that are used. The main difference is how they are played. There are buttons to press rather than a lever to pull (and again, this is all going to be virtual when it comes to online slots) and they are seen as a completely different category to the classic VipSlots

Again, these games are very simple ones and they often. Only have a single payline which may be exactly what you’re looking for when you’re just starting out. 

Video Online Casino Slot

Video slots are hugely popular in online casinos, and this is generally because there are lots of different themes to search through. Rather than the fairly generic fruit slots and classic slots, these are much more exciting. You should be able to find a game that suits you if you love a particular movie, a place, a music genre, and pretty much anything else. 

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What also makes video slots stand apart from the rest is that the graphics and sounds are much better. They are exciting to watch and play, and may even have cut away scenes to watch to give you an idea of the story behind the theme. 

Progressive Online Casino Slot

Many people love to play progressive slots. These tend to be video, but they are linked to other games, and the jackpot, as the name suggests, is progressive. In other words, every time it isn’t won, it gets bigger so that over time the jackpot can be well into the hundreds of thousands and sometimes into the millions before anyone triggers it. The biggest progressive jackpot was won in 2015 by Jon Heywood. He played the Mega Moolah game and it paid out EUR 17,879,645.12. 

Although it costs more to play games with a progressive jackpot, it also has a bigger jackpot, and many will see that as a good investment.

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