Do not waste your money on

When I first signed up I did not tick any of the boxes for the bonus funds which was fine the first day I played and lost which was no problem, a few days later I deposited and was playing for a wile and seen that there was bonus funds so I messaged the adviser on chat and they said you don’t have to opt in the bonuses are automatic and they would not remove them until every penny was paid which I did and started again. I got up to £2,200 so to withdraw they asked for my documents which I sent across but they claim the email address I was sending from was different from the one registered to the account which was a lie as the email address they claimed never existed and also I sent screen shots of the email address they had sent to and the ones I was sending from but they still lied and said I was using a different email address which is false!!!! At this moment this is still ongoing but I will be contact trading standards and the gambling commission as it seems like a scam for them not to pay you out even though I have proof! Do not and I mean do not waste your money on this site they will do everything in there power not to pay you! The games are terrible and the site is not easy to use avoid at all costs

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