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Casino Slots With Highest RTP, Casino World Reviews | Casino Slots With Highest RTP 

Casino Slots With Highest RTP. All too often slot gamblers blame their alleged “bad luck” on the fact that can never win much money whilst spinning those enticing reels. However, a lot of the time this is purely down to the fact that they are playing the wrong slots games. You see, Casino World Reviews not all slot games have the same odds, and there are actually quite a lot of differences in the various online slots available these days, with their being wildly different payouts achievable on each game – find online slot games to play.

One of the best ways to track down slots that are capable of paying out more is by looking out for something called RTP, or Return To Player. This is a percentage value that can tell you an average amount that you might expect to win back off of your overall stake during a gambling session, so you can see why it can be so useful. Most gamblers will want to play slots with a high RTP. So, read ahead for some slots with the highest reported RTP. 

Mega Joker – Casino Slots With Highest RTP

Ever heard of the Las Vegas Casino online machines? Most gamblers have, and that is because these crazy solid state slot machines have paid out progressive jackpot prizes that regularly top $20 million! That is a lot of money, so it is no wonder that slot developers such as NetEnt have tried to emulate the famous Megabucks slot machines with their own online slots. 

Mega Joker is the result, and lucky enough for slot gamblers it also has an outrageous potential RTP of pretty much 100%. There is one thing to consider here, however, and that is the fact that the RTP can get wildly low if you do not bet with high amounts. Mega Joker is therefore one for the high rollers, and it can reward the risks heavily. 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix 

Most slot gamblers will have at least of heard of the Rainbow Riches slot series from Barcrest. As it is one of the most historically successful slot machine series of all time. Casino World Reviews For a start it pretty much kick-started the “luck of the Irish” slot machine theme, one that is now incredibly common across the slots market. Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix takes all of the best bonus rounds from the series, and allows gamblers to customise their play experience by choosing 3 out of 9 of them. 

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As you might imagine, the rewards can be absolutely insane, and if you choose the right bonus features at the start the RTP can get as high as 99%. Nice! 

Ugga Bugga Casino Slots With Highest RTP

By today’s standards Ugga Bugga is an incredibly old allslotscasino. However, due to its innovative nature it has well and truly stood the test of time. The developer Playtech went for a rather unique 10 row reel grid configuration, something that results in a ludicrously good RTP of 99.07%. 

It is a really well designed slot game too, with graphics that were well ahead of its time.

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