How to Play Slots At A Casino

Hi, guys how’s it going I want to tell you a story about it. The last time I was in Vegas last month, I was sitting next to a lady. Who was playing a Slot machine? She stuck in her money and she started pushing buttons nothing was happening and she kind of just stared. I was at the machine for a minute or two and finally, she turned to me and she likes to help me please, I don’t know what I’m doing and so I realized there was a segment of the population. Who has no clue about how slot machines work and How to Play Slots At A Casino, so this is going to be a little bit of a different Article.

How To Play Slot Machines

Where I try to teach you how slot machines work. it’s a beginner’s tutorial and hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll kind of have an understanding of what to do next and I’ll try and explain this as quickly as possible. So we’re going to start with a traditional three-reel slot machine now. The first thing you kind of want to look for is the denomination of the slot machine, So this is a one-dollar slot machine. This means each credit is going to be worth one dollar so we’re gonna take our money almost all slot machines.

These days take the cash they don’t do coins anymore so you stick your money in the machine. There and you’ll see I have 20 credits because I stuck in a 20 bill. So this machine has a pay line it’s that’s where you’ll see that one. There and that pay line goes all the way across right. There so the idea of any slot machine is to get matching symbols. The pay line now if you look up this is how things are paid out. So if I get one cherry on the pay line and get two credits. If I get bars or sevens or that two-times multiplier now, I have to get exactly what the picture is right.

How to Play Slots At A Casino

There and that’s how I get paid right there so if you look. At the betting panel now it’s really easy. There are a few buttons. Here there’s bet one so that means I’m gonna bet one credit, So now my bet is one credit and I’m gonna hit the spin button. The play button right here and it’s gonna spin and we’ll see. If I get anything on the pay line so I was a loser because I got blank and a two bar and that doesn’t show up on. The pay table is right there so that doesn’t work so. That was a loser let’s do one more spin. Here and notice all I had to do was hit the play button.

I didn’t have to hit bet one again because my bet is already set. At one, there are a couple of other buttons. Here there’s the max bet button so if I hit that that’s gonna do max bet and max bet on. This one goes to the third credit so that means, it’s gonna be a three-dollar spin so let’s hit. That next bet button and do that and that bet me three dollars and that was a loser as well, unfortunately.

How to Play Slots At A Casino

That happens a lot when you play slots the other buttons on. Here there’s a button called service right here and if I hit. Yes, that means a slot attendant is going to come to me with whatever I need help with. Whether I have a question about. The game or if I need them to do something for me generally most people don’t need. That and then there’s this collect button, right? Here is how I get my money out of the slot machine so I’m going to hit yes and now, it’s going to print me. A ticket and this is my voucher right here and I can go to a cash-out voucher.

I’ll show you next and that’s how I get my money back now most casinos have these cash-out machines. Here so the way this works is you take your ticket and you stick. There are the 15 bucks and it says please touch. The screen to finish your transaction and it’ll dispense out, my money now you can also take your ticket to a cashier cage and they’ll also change. It’s for you but that’s how you get your cash I want to show you another. Three reel machine that has multiple lines so you’ll see this has five lines right?

Here so this is line one line two line three line four and line five so let me stick in five bucks. Here and I’m gonna play all the lines so again it’s a dollar machine, So if I play all five lines it’s gonna be a five dollar spin so I can pick my lines right here so I’m gonna do all five lines and I’m gonna do one credit per line you can do up to 15. If you do the three times five but we’re doing five times one, So if I get a match on any of the lines. I’ll get paid let’s see how it goes oh missed. It’s on that one too so now I’m going to show you what’s up called a penny slot so. That means each credit is worth one penny but here it says the minimum bet is 50.

The reason is that 50 lines are pretty crazy now on almost every slot machine. There’s going to be something. That says game rule so if you get confused. How things pay out you can hit that and it’ll go through all. The rules here but I’m going to keep tapping. It shows you the pays so this is how it pays so you need to match. Three or more of all of these symbols except.

How to Play Slots At A Casino

Slot Machine Etiquette

For the tigers you need to match two or more on any of the lines and if I keep going this will show you all. The lines are right here so that’s how all 50 lines are paid out. There’s a lot to look at but this if you hit game rules. That will always help you out so my suggestion is when you’re starting off playing slots try doing it with a minimum bet so I’m gonna do 50 cents. That’s my minimum bet here on this game it goes all.

How to Play Slots At A Casino

The way up to five dollars so I’m going to hit 50 cents and that’ll just give you give you a chance to get a feel for the slot, So that was a loser so that’s a winner so you’ll see line 23. There that’s that gave me the three ships and so matching. Three ships on one line paid me five cents do a couple more now a lot of slots have bonuses or features and this is one of those slots one of the bonuses. If you paid attention to the game rules is if you get six of these balls or orbs right.

Here you’ll get a special feature. We’ll do it we’ll play through. This five dollars and see if I can get anything else I got the ships again now. That showed up on a couple of lines so line 12 and line 37 you’ll see. The lines flashed there and so I won 10 cents now. These pandas are wild so they match any other symbol except for the ball or a bonus symbol.

How to Play Slots At A Casino 

That’s a good winning spin because all these lines matched up and that paid me two dollars and ninety cents. Hey got it excellent so that’s the feature now this is called a hold and spin bonus and it just says start. The feature button so I’m gonna hit play and so I get three spins now every time a ball lands. It resets the spins to three so it keeps going and this mini bonus. It shows you up here the mini’s worth ten dollars so that’s pretty good so keep going now. The key on this one is if you fill the whole screen with those balls it’ll pay. The grand jackpot is ten thousand dollars.

How to Play Slots At A Casino – That would be a nice payday now keep in mind to get one of those big big wins. That’s a very hard thing to do I’m gonna be very lucky, so I ran out of spins and now. It’s gonna pay me for everything on the screen here. That’s a very good win 54.50 on a 50-cent bet is excellent so I always recommend anytime you’re up or you’ve won some money let’s hit. That cashout button and take our profits and now I’ll spit out. That ticket and I’ll go back to the redemption machine and get my cash.

Money Management

Now one of the things I bring to a casino with me every single time is this little pocket save its call. A winner’s bank and it’s a little lock box and what you do is you leave. The key is at home and anytime you have some extra money or if you’re winning. In the slots, you can stick the money in the winner’s bank.

Here it’s going to be hard for me to do it with one hand. Here but you can tuck money away in this bank there we go and I can’t access it until. I get home so this is a great way to tuck away your profits and I’ve got a link to this bank in the description in. The comments are below so if you’re looking to get one of these. This is a very handy thing to help you walk home with money.

When you’re playing the Slots at the casino so the next kind of slot, I want to show you doesn’t have lines. It’s considered extra real power or as some slot machines call. It anyways pays this doesn’t have any lines. At all just you need to get matching symbols on consecutive reels and so for instance right?

Here it says you need three nines to win a nickel so you need to get one. Three nines on the consent first consecutive reels left to right and that’s, how that’ll pay you so let’s do a minimum bet of 40 cents until I get it. A win and I’ll show you how that works and this happens a lot. Where you’ll just get a bunch of losing spins in. A row well so far there has not been a match on.

How to Play Slots At A Casino

The first three reels are okay. There we go so I got this these moon symbols are wild so. They will match any other symbol on the page on the pay table but you see all. The nines and then I got three of the deer and so that spin paid me four dollars and forty cents because. They matched left to right we’ll do another example of it so you can get another. There’s the jacks it’s the jacks match and it was it the pay table shows. I get a nickel per line per set of three of the jacks but it doubled. It was because there were two jacks.

There so that’s how I got the 10 cents and let’s get one more win I got the man because. That’s the wild so it’s a dollar times two so two bucks for that one so the last thing. I want to show you my players’ card every casino will have a player’s card in a booth. Where you can sign up for your players’ card for free and. What you do is when you are at a slot machine you can stick it in I’ll show you.


How to Play Slots At A Casino

Where you stick it in and it’ll trap your level of playing and how much you’re betting and this is how you can earn. What are call comps or complimentary sticks? It’s in there and it’ll keep track of your slot points and you can redeem them. Those slot points are for free hotels free food gifts sometimes. The casino will give you free slot play as well so I highly recommend signing up for one of these club cards. Before you even start playing slot machines and that’s how you can get extra freebies from. The casino well I hope that helped you figure out.

How to play slot machines it’s pretty simple and hopefully. This article helps you understand some of the basic rules next time you go to Las Vegas or a casino you’ll be a bit more informed. You can watch my other article and get lots of good. How to Play Slots At A Casino and Wins i wish you lots of luck.

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