Blackjack 5 Card Rule Explained 2022

Blackjack 5 Card appears to be a straightforward card game, and in many ways, it is. However, when you consider how many variants there are on the rules, it becomes challenging to tell which rules are good and which are bad.

But it might be challenging to distinguish between good and bad rules once you realise how many distinct variations there are.

There aren’t many Blackjack games that use the five-card Charlie rule. For those who play Blackjack, it’s a wise rule. If it is offered, you must know how it operates to take advantage of it.

Learn about the Five-Card Charlie Blackjack rule in this article and how to use it to your advantage to increase your table profits.

What is a 5 Card Rule in Blackjack?

5 Card Charlie is a Blackjack strategy that gives the player an advantage. It states that if you collect five cards without going bust, you win automatically, providing a 1.46% house edge.

Note that Charlie is also a 6, 7, 8, and 9 card. This hand is achievable once every fifty hands.

Drawbacks Of The 5 Card Rule in Blackjack

The 5-Card Charlie might be a hindrance when playing Blackjack because of the time it takes to complete each hand. There will always be a few players at a full table of, say, seven, who are in a position to take more cards and think for longer each round as they mull over the possibility of bagging a 5-Card Charlie.

It does no good to stew the game’s tempo while making poor choices. When this happens, you are more likely to make poor decisions, lowering your odds of winning and increasing the likelihood of losing money.

What Are the Strategies for Blackjack 5-Card Charlie?

If you’ve never asked yourself How to win at Blackjack, it’s like you’ve never played.

Every rule in Blackjack has an impact on the game. TradaCasino Consequently, the optimal method varies appropriately. The Charlie rules apply in this circumstance.

Some specific strategies and techniques can improve your odds in this variant. They cannot ensure victory in every round. However, you have a greater chance of scoring if you adhere to the following strategies:

Don’t count on it

Know when to hit or stand

Know when to double down.

Blackjack 5 Card Rule Explained

Here’s an in-depth overview of all three strategies:

1. Don’t Count on It

Don’t expect to get five cards right away. Keep in mind that this will only happen about once every 50 rounds. So, if you’re playing Charlie Blackjack, there’s no reason to make significant changes to how you play.

That is unless you are still under 21 and getting close to having five cards. If it doesn’t, just play it like a regular Blackjack game and pay attention to the other rules.

Depending on the variant, other rules may be much more critical. For example, things like the number of card decks used, the rules for the dealer, and how to split and double cards will change the game every time. The rules for Charlie won’t.

So, only think about the “automatic win” rule if you already have at least three cards in your hand.

2. When to Hit or Stand

You have a few options depending on how many decks you use and your cards.

You can either:



Double down (if allowed)

The value of the game’s existing cards increases as the number of decks used decreases. However, if you are unable to detect anything from them, we advise that you:

Hit if your hand is soft 17 or lower

Hit if you have four cards worth up to soft 21

Stand if you have a hard 17 or higher

Hit if you have a hand worth between 12 and 16 points with a card value 7 or higher but no aces.

Unless you already have four of them, stand if all of your cards have values between 2 and 6, and your hand is worth at least 13.

Being one of the most popular card games (if not the most popular), Blackjack has always come with various techniques employed with the hopes of winning. From card counting to many other ways, winning at Blackjack is the ultimate goal. However, no matter the technique you choose to try and win, it’s important to learn all the rules and stay within them.

3. When to Double Down

In general, doubling down is an overdone Blackjack tactic. However, there are some circumstances where using it is profitable.

Using doubling, you can take advantage of the automatic win and increase your profits by double. You just need to get four cards, double down on a fifth, and avoid busting.

You should think about the best course of action if you have fewer than four cards. Should you double down or try for five cards to miss out on this chance? Most of the time, we’d advise you to:

If all of your cards are low value, double down on hard 10 or hard 11;

double down on soft 15 to 18

Despite this, you shouldn’t blindly abide by these rules because there are a lot of potential rule modifications that we cannot predict.

Keep in mind that the automatic victory rule is always on your side. Therefore, it cannot worsen your situation more than it would in traditional Blackjack games.


Does 5 Cards Automatically Win In Blackjack?

When it comes to 5 Cards Blackjack, each remaining bet wins if its hand is higher than the dealer’s. It loses if the dealer busts. When a player’s first two cards add up to 21, it is call a “natural” or “Blackjack,” The player automatically wins the hand unless the dealer also has a Blackjack.

Blackjack 5 Card Rule in Short

The Five-Card Charlie rule is one of the best Blackjack rules available. Casinos that provide this, however, are not naive; they add a few unfair rules to the Blackjack games to level the playing field.

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