Blackjack and Card Values

There is no casino on the money Blackjack and Card that does not play blackjack. This game of chance is a favorite around the world due to its excitement, intrigue and simplicity. And one of the questions that everyone asks the most when they start playing is how much are the cards worth? The answer is the only thing you need to know to learn the rules of this entertaining pastime. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about blackjack and its card values.

Blackjack and card values: how much is each card in the deck worth?

Blackjack is a card game, in which the objective is to add 21 or a number as close as possible, but without exceeding it. There are four possible outcomes: if the banker busts, the player wins; if the player goes over, the bank wins, if none goes over, whoever gets closest to the figure of 21 wins; and if there is a tie, the play is repeated again.

To play, a standard deck of 52 cards is used, although you never play with only one since it would be very easy to count the cards that come out and beat the bank. For this reason, the dealer will always mix several decks of 52 cards, to make it more difficult. The most popular modality is played with 6 decks, a total of 312 cards. In blackjack, card values ​​are the most important thing.

Blackjack and Card Values

Ace: can have the value of 1 or 11, depending on what interests the player. It is, without a doubt, the most demanded card, not only because of its flexibility but also because DuckyLuck an Ace is needed to be able to play blackjack.

Cards from 2 to 10: have the value corresponding to their numbering.

Figures J, Q, K: are worth 10 points each.

The best possible hand is to have an Ace and a face card on the first two cards, but it is very difficult. If it is not achieved, you have to take risks to get as close as possible to 21, but without going over.

How is blackjack played?

Decide how much to bet: Before a hand is dealt, each player must decide how much to bet. These bets must be placed in the box in front of the player’s seat.

Dealing of cards: each player will receive one card per turn until all hands have two cards. All players’ cards are dealt face up so everyone can see the values.

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Hit or Stand: If a player is happy with their hand, they will decide to stand. Otherwise, he can ask for another. There is no maximum number of cards that can be requested.

Result: Each player’s hand will be compared to the dealer’s. The highest score wins.

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